“You gave me personal encouragement at a difficult time which made it feel like I should make more of an effort.  What made we stay is that I noticed really good positive effects from exercising and seeing friendly faces each morning, the timing also works really well in my schedule.  I also like the fact that I don’t have to dress up for a class, there is no way I would go to a class each morning or even once a week as I am pretty self-conscious about how I look”  

TW - Client


Having started Northants Pilates in 1997, I met Paula in 2001, when we were both working with Northants Cricket. With a strong background in Sports Therapy, Massage and Pilates we have worked together ever since, where she has been a highly valued member of our team, with a loyal client base.


She has a wealth of knowledge from her years working with a diverse range of clients from Northampton Saints, professional sports people, to our Northants Pilates clients.  These can be post-surgery or more importantly hoping to avoid surgery, fit or wanting to get fitter, or those who know they need more focussed attention to really see a difference in posture or alignment. 


Paula has a thriving practice thanks to her attention to detail, constantly striving for knowledge to update her skills.  She is well-respected by local health professionals, who refer their patients to her, knowing she will continue their rehabilitation needs with the same professional standard. 


If recovering from back problems, joint issues, advice on improving fitness Paula will have the expertise to help, combining her massage therapy skills with her Pilates knowledge on both mat and equipment. 


Karen Grinter, Studio Director, Northants Pilates 


"I have been seeing Paula for one-to-one Pilates sessions for at least 4 years; and I am convinced that these sessions have been responsible for the preservation (and extension) of an excellent range of movement and strength in my limbs and body, in spite of the fact that during this time I have had two total knee replacement operations to recover from. 


I initially went because of recurrent back problems: work on strengthening my core has resolved these.  She has considerable knowledge and expertise; approaches her work in a completely professional way.  But also brings to her work the wonderful qualities of good humour, humanity, patience and understanding - and active encouragement always to do better. 


I recommend her unreservedly. 


Bernard aged 74

Paula got me on the road to healing my life!! I know that sounds profound but it really was! 2 years, 3 operations and a new hip later and I'm feeling  able to live my life and look after my family again.  Having just started back at one of Paula's classes I had forgotten how good I feel, my body feels in sync, I stand straighter and just feel more connected with myself.  Even just doing one class a week I can see an improvement in my technique and ability…I really believe that everyone should be introduced to Pilates.


Nicky,  Northants